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Your Wedding by Mae Cassie

Perfectly Planned, Flawless Finish

With Sacred Ceremonies by Mae Cassie, your next event is sure to be the talk of the town. I use my creativity to make your special day turn out exactly how you want it. From private parties to large-scale, I'm here to ensure that every detail is flawlessly planned and exactly what you want. Unique to YOU everytime.

Wedding Celebrant: Welcome

Five Steps to the Perfect Celebration of your Union

I am committed to equality and respect to all, regardless of age, ability, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation
Love knows no bounds

Your Ceremony 

Since the dawn of history the wedding ceremony has been the cherished centrepiece at the heart of two people coming together in union.  There are countless traditions and a wide range of beautiful customs that can signify the joining of two hearts, leading to many paths a couple can follow to celebrate their unique story.  As a celebrant I am honoured to guide couples through the joyous process of creating a wedding ceremony that reflects their light and love for each other into the sacred bond.  I create completely bespoke and personally tailored ceremonies to honour the sacred moments in your life with celebration and connection. 

I specialise in creating custom ceremonies for all of life’s important occasions.  This includes beautifully crafted wedding ceremonies, ancient handfasting rituals, deep and connective vow renewal ceremonies, joyous baby naming ceremonies and reflective memorial ceremonies.  Each of these ceremonial packages are personally crafted to bring forth the significance and value of the occasion personable to you and your nearest.  

Whether you follow traditional values or non traditional ceremonial practices the ceremonies should remain symbolic to your tastes and wishes.  Every ceremony is crafted to be unique as it is co-created with you to bring your stories and heartwarming tales to life to mark the memorable occasion.  

It is my duty as a celebrant to professionally manage and gracefully deliver the ceremony you’ve crafted, allowing you to savour the occasion and with your friends and loved ones and embrace the joy.

Five steps 

I am committed to equality and respect to all, regardless of age, ability, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation

Love knows no bounds

Five steps to a fabulous wedding!

1 — Make contact.

Finding the right wedding celebrant is an important choice, so before you book, let’s meet up for a chat about your wedding, this can be in person or over Zoom. We can discuss what you both want from your wedding ceremony, and I can answer any questions about celebrant weddings to give a little insight into what it would be like working with me as your wedding celebrant.

2 — Signed and Sealed, I’m your Celebrant!

If you decide that I’m the wedding celebrant for you, I'll send some Terms & Conditions so we have a written agreement and I’ll also take a deposit to secure us both.   Once we confirm the date, we can begin to plan the perfect wedding ceremony.

3 — Creating Wedding that’s Completely You

Next, we’ll have the important meeting to lay out your plans for the day. This is the fun bit where we can create your personalised ceremony, bringing forth your love stories and what brought you to marriage.  We can draw from your first date romance, tales of beautiful love, or the complexities of blending families and building partnerships.

As your wedding celebrant, I’ll guide you through creating a ceremony that reflects you and your union.  Throughout the vows and promises and rituals and ring-bearers.  You’ll know exactly what feels right for you.  A lot of couples struggle with where to begin.  I can suggest readings, poems or songs to bring the occasion to life. Alternatively we can create something pared back and beautifully simple. All aspects of the ceremony will be selected to focus on you, your love, and your story.

4 — Written from the Heart always

Once we’ve discussed the content then I’ll craft and curate your unique wedding ceremony, weaving in warmth, joy and a sprinkling of humour. It will feel authentic to you both, flowing between storytelling and symbolism beautifully marking the celebration.  After crafting the ceremony I’ll present it to you both and you can add any final thoughts.  By this process it will be just right in time for your special moment.

5 — The Big Day!

On the day, I’ll be at your wedding venue early to make sure that everything unfolds smoothly. I’ll communicate with the photographers, venue staff, musicians and readers to ensure everything is in place.  I’ll also be there to reassure you both that all is well and things are coming together.  The ceremony will then commence, all your thoughts, dreams and wishes will follow the path you have set, under the heartfelt witness of your friends and loved ones.

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Why Use a Celebrant and Not a Registrar?

Why go for Ordinary, when you can have Extraordinary?

 I design  highly customized and unique events for every type of celebration. I’m here to make sure that each event I’m involved with is inspiring, extraordinary and unforgettable. From initial planning to selecting the perfect catering and concept, I'll assist you every step of the way until I deliver a stunning result beyond imagination.

Wedding Celebrant: About

I will ensure that the focus of the ceremony is on you; that it is memorable and one of the highlights of the day.  It is a completely original experience.  No templates.  No filling in the gaps.

I  will make your ceremony warm, entertaining and engaging.    A celebration of your lives, your story.  A ceremony with the feel of a party.  Tailored to your exact wishes.

This is possible because there are no restrictions on content at all.  Furthermore, it can be held literally wherever you want; be that a beach your garden or woodland.  Lastly you get to choose who you want to officiate.

None of this applies to a ceremony led by a Registrar.


Sadly not.  But hopefully things are heading in the right direction with the Law Commission recommendations on the future of marriage law in England and Wales  and being presented to Northern Ireland  later this year.  

Until changes are made couples wishing to have a celebrant led ceremony must attend the registry office to legalise their marriage.   They should request the basic statutory ceremony which lasts no more than 15-20 minutes requiring two witnesses and costing in the region of £50.00.  Most couples get this out of the way a few days before.

An advantage of the legal marriage being undertaken separately is that on the day of your wedding ceremony you can relax and enjoy it with your friends and families without any official formalities at all.

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To find out how Sacred Ceremonies can help you with your special event, feel free to get in touch.

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