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Happy Customers, Happy Me

Testimonials: Testimonials

Me and my husband John were celebrating our Silver Wedding and we wanted to renew our vows 

I had heard about Sacred Ceremonies and knew Karen so I rang Karen and she came to our home for a Consultation 

Karen was so Warm and friendly and nothing was too much trouble for her she gave us some great ideas and explained everything 

We had a wee hiccup with our Venue and Karen was on the phone straight away to sort it out 

She was so professional 

We had a rehearsal the day before to make sure everything was in place 

On the day Karen met me at the door calmed my nerves and Conducted the most Beautiful Precious Ceremony for us 

It will live in our hearts and minds forever 

Claire and John

If you are looking for a Celebrant to Conduct a Special Ceremony or Vowel renewal I would highly recommend 

Sacred Ceremonies from Mae Cassie ❤️

Vow Renewal Claire and John

"I could almost insist that you consider Karen to be your celebrant for ceremonies and gatherings. Not only is she professional and understanding, but she has an attention to detail and is thoughtful of the needs of her clients. Our 10 year vow renewal was extra special and it comes through on our photos."

Dave and Shauna

Vow Renewal- Shauna and Dave

Baby naming

Karen was the celebrant for our son's naming ceremony. She was wonderfully well spoken, professional and heartfelt. The bespoke ceremony aligned with our wishes and beautifully reflected our vision of the day. I would thoroughly recommend Sacred Ceremonies

Carolann Carlile

Baby Naming- Carolann

In early November, my partner wanted to ask me to marry him in a Commitment Ceremony or Hand Fasting Ceremony. I was touched by this very lovely suggestion, and we arranged to meet with Karen. When Karen asked when? And Mark replied, Christmas Karen was concerned we wouldn't have time. But being the true professional she is, Karen made it happen. And it was so beautiful. Karen's attention to detail is second to none. The whole ceremony was about us and  what we wanted. We had tears in our eyes from the beginning. Every detail was considered, and nothing was missed. Karen created a memory that will last a lifetime. 💖

Hand Fasting - Siobhan

Yesterday my daughter E who is 8 yrs old almost 9 had a rites of passage ceremony.

Some of you may wonder what that is, or why you would choose this for your child.

We pass through 7 energetic gateways through out our life. 

Some of may have heard of our body changing every 7 years. 

Its also energtic. 

These phases or shifts in our energetic field and life path deserve to be honoured.

I have spoken into this before and for a while taught about our energetic chakra centres within us. 

Root to crown. 

Each phase holding us differently as we mature. 

Here in Ireland many make their first communion. 

We dont. 

Not anymore and its been some while since I have went against my truth and succumbed to "its what we do here,." Many years. Its not easy to do that here in catholic Ireland.

I believe it is what "many" not "all" do it here as they have no idea how else to celebrate and honour their child ceremonially as they pass through life transitions. 

I am here to live and breathe into life differently. 

I am here to remind people there are ways to celebrate and honour ourselves and our children that are rooted in a memory of a time where we knew what it was to live sacredly in this life.

So are many of the women I know. 

I invited Mae Cassie Karen who is a ceremonialist who does handfasting, weddings, naming days, funerals, womens circles and children's rites of passage to hold this space for my daughter. 

I could have held the circle yet it felt more sacred and special having karen do it for us. She gifted us all something really gorgeous. in ceremony where they were reminded of

Rites Of Passage Ceremony- Each

I took this Journey with Mae Cassie Karen last year and was soul held and nurtured, Karen is an amazing, strong and gentle woman with an abundance of knowledge and insightful wisdom, it was truly a beautiful blessed journey that I enjoyed immensely and am so looking forward to returning to journey again this incoming year...  Highly recommend to everyone 💕💕💕💕

Circle Testimonial - Collette

I have just taken this journey with Mae Cassie Karen  it's  been soul nourishing for me and I have been grateful for her wisdom and holding this past year

Circle Testimonial - Genevieve

From my initial conversations with Karen she has been so informative and supportive. Having received a number of treatments and sampled her beautiful products I wanted to share my experience. At my first Sacred ceremony I was unsure that to expect but was open to the experience. Karen completed a beautiful shamanic reiki healing, then moved onto a full body Thai massage, finishing with a detox herbal soak. Prior to the treatments I had neck and shoulder pain that I couldn't budge, even with massage, pain killers and yoga. After the first session it was like Karen got into my skeletal system and unlocked all that stress and pain. I walked out like a very different person. In following sessions I have found that my needs are always meet to to highest standards. The products are unbelievable, so beautiful fantastic on my skin. Needless to say I love what you do and will be a customer for a long time to come. Your professional and skill set are just wonderful. Thank you xxx

Treatment Testimonial - Stephanie

We recommend Karen wholeheartedly. We got to know about Karen through family friends who recommended her as a celebrant very enthusiastically. Karen is a deeply intuitive and experienced guide into this whole marriage thing. We didn’t really know what to expect from this kind of service but we were blown away or rather blown open by the experience. 

Karen meticulously prepared and structured the ceremony, she made sure we were 100 percent ready  a few days before the day. The ceremony itself was beautiful and so moving. Many of our ceremony’s attendees later told us it was the most authentic and loving service they had been to. We felt blessed to get to know Karen over multiple meetings and felt her to truly listen to our wishes. She prepared scents, scripts and facilitated an environment of acceptance and trust. She also involved our children in the ceremony, and blended our family which was so special. We feel grateful that we did this and very wholesomely happy we had Karen by our side. I can assure anyone that Karen puts many many hours into the preparation of a hand fasting ceremony, there was a lot of behind the scene work put in that I would not have known about previous to doing this kind of ceremony. We felt that she really cared about our union and she strived to make the ceremony truly reflect our relationship. 

Another thing we did with Karen before our hand fasting ceremony was a house blessing. The experience was very unique and healing. The advantage to doing the house blessing before the hand fasting was it gave us more bonding time with Karen, and our home space was more ready for the whole family’s new beginning before our ceremony. Thank you Karen for giving us so many powerful and special moments we will hold in our memories.

Hand Fasting and House Blessing- 
A and J

Karen was exceptional. Right from the start she came to meet us and was very interested in us as a couple, our friends and family and the way we imagined the service and day to be. She was always readily contactable and very kind. The service was really personal and special, and our guests kept commenting on how lovely the ceremony was. Would recommend Karen for any wedding, she was fantastic. Thank you Karen!

Wedding- Donna and Robert

What can I say about Karen. She was the perfect person to carry out our wedding ceremony. She is such a lovely kind person and from the very start we just clicked. I just knew she was going to give us a beautiful ceremony. Karen gave us so many beautiful and wonderful ideas for our wedding ceremony and she listened to everything that we wanted as well. Our wedding ceremony was so beautiful, fun, emotional and just exactly how we wanted it. Karens laid back and kind nature was just exactly what we wanted and I would highly recommend hiring her for your wedding ceremony. You won't regret it!

Wedding - Lauren and Shane

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