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Three Women

Women's Circles

We have to believe in women's ability to work magic

In a world where reason is highly valued and emotion is often seen as weak, time with women openly sharing their feelings is powerful medicine.  The connection to Life awakens our care for Life - inspiring a river of love that can fuel sacred activism in the world.

A circle of women may just be
the most powerful force known to humanity.

Seasonal Circles: Welcome

Why Women's Circles are Important

One: They remind us we're emotional creatures, and that's ok.

In a world where reason is valued highly, and emotion often seen as weak, an evening with women who are openly sharing their feelings is powerful medicine. Listening to the challenges, joys, frustrations and longings of other women calls us home into ourselves as a feeling creatures.

We are reminded that the willingness to be receptive and to 'feel what is' weaves us into interconnectivity with all things. This connection to Life awakens our care for Life - inspiring a river of love that can fuel our sacred activism in the world.

Two: They root us back into our cyclical nature and remind us to take care of ourselves. We women ebb and flow with the tides and experience nature's seasons within our own bodies. But in a world that values productivity above all, it can be so easy to forget our cyclical nature and push ourselves beyond our limits, can't it? Even an hour with a circle of women can plug us back in, and help us harness our energy and creativity when it is at it's height, as well as remember to stop when it's time to rest and renew.

Imagine what millions of resourced, nourished women who take exquisite care of themselves could create on this planet of ours?!

Three: They heal our bodies.

There are healing keys within the female body. One of them is Oxytocin, the 'Love Hormone' which helps to activate the rest and digest part of our nervous system, support our immune function, reduce stress, and help us feel grounded, safe, and part of a greater whole.

Women's circles are an Oxytocin-filled haven; deep listening with no agenda, hugs and nourishing touch, feeling seen, met and accepted just as we are, and a sense of kinship all activate a flush of oxytocin and it's host of healing effects. With the chronic illness epidemic that is currently affecting millions of women globally - women's circles could be a powerful key to help women create and maintain full health.

Four: They help us step into leadership and commit to our life work.

So many of us are feeling the call to step out into greater leadership in our lives. And we know we can't do it alone. We can do it because we are part of a sisterhood, part of a movement that recognises our togetherness as a gateway to life's limitless intelligence.

When we get together, we actively awakens our feminine nature - the part of us that can more easily expand beyond our limited sense of self, into the sea of collective consciousness. From there we can tap into endless resources of creativity and intelligence to inspire our work and embolden us as we lead - the same intelligence that make the tree roots grow, and the waves rise and fall and the planets orbit the sun.

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The Power of Women together and the Sea

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Warrior Circles

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Turn of the Wheel Circles


Moon Circles

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Next Circle is a Shamanic Womb Grief Ceremony on the 19th of November full details below

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