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Sacred Ceremonies
by Mae Cassie

“There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate.” 

Robert Brault

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Your Ceremony 

Do you want it to be meaningful? Would you like to help create your own ceremony? No prewritten scripts belonging to others involved ? Then get in touch as I am that Celebrant.

Whether you are getting married, vow renewals, hand fasting, celebrating your child with a naming ceremony or arranging a memorial. I offer a complete bespoke service that is all about uniquly personalised.

We can discuss symbolic actions that mean something to you. I will help you co-create a Magical Ceremony - l shall bring out your stories, dreams and ideas and all your favourite things that at the heart of everything I do when creating your Ceremony. Your Ceremony will be Memorable, unique to you.

My speciality is the ability to make you feel safe, free and the centre of the day! After all, this is your day. It will be a ceremony that your guests will remember, your family will l always look back on with smiles, whether it the first page of the first chapter of your married life, your commitment to each other, your child’s life or helping to make the passing on of someone close a real celebration of their life.

I will always be Sensitive to you needs, taking care of all the finer details and creating your unique story

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Sacred Ceremonies by Mae Cassie

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We offer a variety of celebrant services designed to suit every occasion and belief system.
We work in partnership with you to design an event tailored to your special requirements, taking care of all the finer details to ensure that you have the day that you’ve dreamt of.


Our services include a wide range of symbolic actions that include weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies ,sand ceremonies, baby naming, hand-fasting ceremonies, red tent journeys and more.


We offer everything that you need to help you unwind and prepare your body and mind for the perfect ceremony, including personalised products and treatments, all hand-made in-house from the purest, natural ingredients.

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About your Celebrant

I am an Independent Celebrant

 I am qualified as a Sacred Celebrant and a Civil Celebrant, fully insured and with a Deep Reverence for Ritual and Ceremony. I am also a creative healer and martial arts artist.

I hold the deep belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to celebrate life's special and sacred occasions in a way that resonates with them personally. Honouring beliefs and values that are your own. It is with this philosophy that I founded Sacred Ceremonies by Mae Cassie.

As a holder of The Ancient rites of Passage and Creator of Ceremony, I can, if you wish, work with the Elemental Wheel of Air, Fire, Water and Earth to create beautiful bespoke ceremonies that are in Alignment with your beliefs, wishes and dreams.

I work in partnership with you to co-design unique, intimate, celebratory events that are designed to enable you to share beautiful and lasting memories filled with warmth and love that will last a lifetime.

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I ensure the vision for each ceremony that I'm booked for is realized on the big day. I’ve been receiving kind reviews and feedback for many years now, and am pleased to share with you the wonderful things that’ve been said about Sacred Ceremonies by Mae Cassie.

Karen assisted in creating and holding my  Hand-fasting last year with my partner Chris. She lit up the room, made it an incredible safe, and joyful space. She is a fabulous Celebrant, kind, motivated, passionate, and talented. I can't recommend her for ceremony enough! She really made our day special.


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For info on any of the above treatments of healings send me over a message from here

+44 7761693402

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