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We recommend Karen wholeheartedly. We got to know about Karen through family friends who recommended her as a celebrant very enthusiastically. Karen is a deeply intuitive and experienced guide into this whole marriage thing. We didn’t really know what to expect from this kind of service but we were blown away or rather blown open by the experience. 

Karen meticulously prepared and structured the ceremony, she made sure we were 100 percent ready  a few days before the day. The ceremony itself was beautiful and so moving. Many of our ceremony’s attendees later told us it was the most authentic and loving service they had been to. We felt blessed to get to know Karen over multiple meetings and felt her to truly listen to our wishes. She prepared scents, scripts and facilitated an environment of acceptance and trust. She also involved our children in the ceremony, and blended our family which was so special. We feel grateful that we did this and very wholesomely happy we had Karen by our side. I can assure anyone that Karen puts many many hours into the preparation of a hand fasting ceremony, there was a lot of behind the scene work put in that I would not have known about previous to doing this kind of ceremony. We felt that she really cared about our union and she strived to make the ceremony truly reflect our relationship. 

Another thing we did with Karen before our hand fasting ceremony was a house blessing. The experience was very unique and healing. The advantage to doing the house blessing before the hand fasting was it gave us more bonding time with Karen, and our home space was more ready for the whole family’s new beginning before our ceremony. Thank you Karen for giving us so many powerful and special moments we will hold in our memories.

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Customer Name: Testimonial
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